Commas offers business coaching for all of our members.

Group Coaching


As a Commas Club member, you will have access to several different types of coaching.

Group coaching, is a one-hour session that takes place in an online group video conferencing session once a month. In addition to getting feedback from the coach who is leading the session, you and your peers are encouraged to contribute feedback as well. 

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is a one hour, one-on-one coaching session where you meet with a specialist once a month and get laser focused. We create a plan with digestible milestones that consists of actionable steps to help you produce results.

Meet the Coaches

We understand that your needs change, so we've provided flexibility. You are allowed to switch up your 1:1 coach every month.

Sequoia Blodgett


Sequoia is the founder of Commas. She created the platform in order to support founders on their entrepreneurial journey. 

"I've been where you are. Having a venture-backed startup and a profitable company, I know it's very easy to get lost in the details. I've helped over 200+ entrepreneurs throughout my journey and my goal is to help you too. I look forward to supporting you." - Sequoia 

Check out her past show on Freeform, "Startup U", for a glimpse.

Dr. Allycin Hicks


Dr. Ally is a Mental Health Expert and Brand Curator.

She focuses on helping you understand and identify your unique attributes and is highly skilled at positioning them as assets resulting in the birth of captivating personal and business brands.

She can be found giving advice on Access Hollywood, OWN, and several other major media outlets. 

Jaia Thomas, Esq.


Attorney, Jaia Thomas is to the go-to when it comes to IP, trademarks, and copyrights for your startup. She focuses heavily on transactional and intellectual property matters.

Additionally, she is the founder of Diverse Representation with a comprehensive database of relationships that expand far beyond the entrepreneurship community into sports and entertainment.

When not practicing law, she can be found lecturing as an adjunct professor at UCLA and contributing to Entrepreneur Magazine.

Jeremiah Brown


Jeremiah J. Brown is a tech entrepreneur, product strategist, and best selling author of the book, “Financial Freedom: My Only Hope”.

At eighteen, he became a real estate agent in his hometown of New York City. Before graduating from Elon University with a degree in finance, he launched and sold his first company and mobile application. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Brown owns various properties throughout the United States.

Before the age of thirty, he achieved success with multiple business ventures and has been featured in Ebony Magazine, Billboard, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Brown focuses on educating those who desire to be financially free.

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