What is the Commas Club?


At Commas, we support founders who are building sustainable startups with a strong emphasis on individuals selling products or services in the digital space.

Our model uplifts you as a founder by being your virtual support system.

Commas wants you to understand the correct way to build your business and how to focus on profitability so you can grow and sustain it.  

So how do you get there? Education, is one factor, support, guidance, and access are three others. The fact of the matter is, no company is successful without a combination of all four.


We will work on mindset shifts around the way you think about entrepreneurship, help you understand the skill sets necessary to build your company and we will support you throughout your journey to get there. 

The goal is for you to become a success story. 

We are here to help. It's in our name. There is nothing like having a bank account with excessive zeros separated by commas.


We take pride in pairing you up with coaches who have been there and done that. If you want to be the best, you must learn from the best. 


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