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Get support on your entrepreneurial journey while building your startup. 

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Commas is a community of likeminded startup entrepreneurs with the goal of being profitable.

We focus on helping founders gain an understanding of how to build online, digital and tech-enabled businesses through courses, coaching and support.   

Your journey to building a successful startup begins now!

Benefits of Joining


Understand mindset, development, branding, marketing, publicity, and finance so you can build a solid foundation for your business. 


Be supported by your peers in an online community that is in the same place as you with their ventures. The goal is to move up together. 


Get access to elite business coaching and connections to top industry professionals. Let us be your team until you can hire one.

Meet the Coaches 

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"When I started, I was almost $50,000 in debt from an app developer who never completed the project. After joining Commas, I built a solid product in less than six weeks and we are now on our way to building a great business!"

Paulina Bryan
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Commas Club Features

Mindset work that will teach you how to get past the mental blocks that are stopping you. 

Courses that will equip you with the basic fundamentals to build a startup that scales.

Training on how to properly build a business from being the founder to hiring your first team member.

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Featured Founders


4 month program for new entrepreneurs with minimal business experience looking to go from struggling to a growing startup.

Commas Club Courses Bundle:

Entrepreneurship Mindset Course

Product Development Course

Branding Course

Marketing/Sales Course

Publicity Course

Fundraising Course

Business Formation

1:1 Hour Live Coaching Session / Month with Commas Club Expert Coaches in Mental Wellness, Legal, Brand and Finance

1 Hour Live Group Coaching Q&A / Month

1 Hour Live Virtual Mastermind Meetup / Month

24/7 Access to the Commas Club Private Membership Community

Free Ticket to In-Person Event

Q2 Enrollment is Currently Closed

In an effort to keep our community exclusive and effective, we open enrollment several times a year. Sign up for notifications so that you are the first to know when enrollment opens back up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lessons vary however, we make sure they are compact and easily digestible so that we don't overwhelm you with information. 

There are currently 6 courses total that cover entrepreneurial mindset, business development, product development, marketing, publicity, and fundraising.

To get a sneak peak inside of the lessons, click the video above. 

The reality of it is any startup could technically fit however, we've found that when people are on the same path, it makes for a much more successful community.  

Companies that work best in the Commas Club are ventures that live in the digital space and are focused on selling products and services to individuals.

We are category agnostic and aim to serve multicultural founders.

Due to the excessive resources needed, intense capital and market adoption, companies that typically aren't a good fit for us are hardware, cryptocurrency, VR/AR, IoT, AI, Big Data, and blockchain. 

Although we don't tend to lean toward them, we will review B2B companies on a case-by-case basis.  

If your company falls under the above categories, please still submit. We have partners that we can potentially refer you to if it's not a good fit for us.

We love rewarding the members of our community with partnership discounts, early access, profile spotlights and more. 

Check the Perks area in the membership portal. Each month, there is always something new!

We'd hate to see you go! You can continue being part of the Commas Club by paying a monthly membership fee for 24/7 access to the Commas Club community

This membership fee will also allow you to retain access to all of the courses on the platform.

Additionally, if we can no longer serve you, we will refer you to another organization who will help you continue to grow and scale your business. 

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee should you be unhappy with the Service after your initial enrollment.

Change starts with you.


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